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Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Las Vegas, 1986 — Once upon a time, Richie “The Fixer” Perry arranged for NYC playground legend Lloyd “Swee’ pea” Daniels to star for Jerry “The Shark” Tarkanian’s University of Las Vegas Runnin’ Rebels.

The Fixer was the architect of the infamous 1973 superfecta harness racing and Boston College Point shaving scandals.

Deceased wise guy, witness protection program participant (& Howard Stern regular), Henry Hill, said Perry was a dealer in inside information for sports bettors. ”He knew what kind of shape the field was in, whether the quarterback had been drunk.”

In a Sports Illustrated article, Hill was quoted about Perry’s relationship with UNLV players: “Richard does everything for a reason. He wouldn’t even talk to a player unless he had something going.”

Providing information to bettors isn’t illegal, but for a player to provide it to a gambler is an NCAA violation. Commonly called “The Perry Rule,” UNLV forbid players from associating with those convicted of gambling crimes.

Unfortunately for our fairy tale, the dream of a UNLV team starring Daniels went up in crack smoke when he was arrested in a sting operation at a North Las Vegas crack house in February 1987.

The Fixer posted Swee’ pea’s bond.