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The Roulette Kid

Friday, July 17th, 2009

During the gravy years in Vegas, for a short time, I ran around with a character known as: The Roulette Kid.

The Roulette Kid played only roulette because the other games confused him. He liked to keep it simple. Black or Red. It’s a 50-50.

The Kid developed a system: he would bet only Black and if he lost, he’d bet multiples of 2.5 until, eventually, he’d win.

For example:

The Kid would bet $1 on black and if he won, he’d do it again. If he lost, he’d bet $3 on black. If he lost again, he’d bet $8 on black. If he lost again, he’d bet $20 on black. If he lost again, he’d bet $52 on black — if he now won, he’d win $52 and have a total of $104:

$1 + $3 + $8 + $20 + $52 = $84 … so he’d be up $20.

The Roulette Kid was young & immature. The Vegas lights shined too hot & too bright for The Kid. Cocaine, prostitues and the allure of the night life proved too much. The Kid got greedy and flaunted his system. He dressed like a pimp and spent his money like a porn star.

After a particularly heavy paper night, The Tropicana had seen enough. They roughed him up and scared The Kid straight into the arms of a Utah Jesus Loving Trailer Park Commune.

That was the last we saw of The Roulette Kid.