In these days of the 24/7 news cycle, breaking news is hard business.

It’s especially hard if you’re an unpaid, unprofessional.

On Friday, May 4 we were the first media outlet to publish Wade Boggs racist allegation response.

We were happy. We had gotten what we wanted:  Wade’s denial.

We were going to leave it alone.

Then, however, the Hall of Famer decided he would take his anger, anguish & astonishment to the airways.

Bad move.

Just when America had forgotten Wade’s 1990 Barbara Walters sex addict confession

it was worth a media response of his own and agreed to be interviewed on WEEI, the same radio station where The Can levied his charges less than a week earlier.

Unfathomed to past generations, we have something in common with baseball Hall of Famer, Wade Boggs.

We both have “chicken” in our twitter handles!

Wade is ChickenMan3010 and we’re Chickenhawk1.

How cool is that?

Wade’s “ChickenMan” reference refers to his pre-game meal ritual and the “3010” refers to his number of MLB hits (#26 on baseball’s all-time hit list).

Our “Chickenhawk1” refers to our Sports & Entertainment website.

Investigative by nature, the human species learns by trial and error.

Oil Can’s continued incrimations and Boggsian slights and upcoming book tour, followed by Wade & Debbie’s rabid, tearful denials, incriminates more than exfoliates to this stoned listener.

Boggs explained on WEEI that he takes his Hall of Fame responsibilities very seriously. Although not admissable in court nor an auto accident & historically never adverse to a freak show, Wade quickly put his wife, Debbie, on the telephone with WEEI’s listeners to vouch for his character. He then, we’re guessing by the dinging sound in the background, went out to his car to listen on satellite radio.

Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

Deja Vu to Debbie’s stoic, Margo Adams -stand by your man-, united front.

We were going to leave this one alone.

We had gotten what we wanted: Wade’s denial.

Everyone’s happy.

Before closing the book on Oil Can’s racial hysteria, we deciced to do a little investigative reporting via google’s news archives and were quickly reminded of Wade’s Margo Adams racist, infidelitous, & Jose Canseco takes steroids allegations.

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