As Roger’s World Turns

WILLIAMSVILLE, TN -Country singer Mindy McCready has confirmed her affair with Roger Clemens and is now pitching a reality tv show entitled: Mending Mindy. I shit you not.

Once a deal is finalized, McCready said her life will become an open book, including her tumultuous, long-term affair with Roger. “What happens in my personal life will be on display on national television and (Roger) is certainly part of my past.”

Mindy was recently released from the Williamsville County Jail after serving 30 days of a 60-day sentence for violating probation on a 2004 drug charge. McCready, falsified her community service records and violated probation by fraudulently obtaining prescription painkillers. In July of 2007, “Minds” (that’s what Roger used to call her) served five months after a drunken brawl with her mother, and resisting arrest. The Fort Myers, FL police report quotes Mindy’s mom as calling Mindy a “fat slut” and a “home wrecker.”

The Chickenhawk caught up to Roger at a local, Houston bar where he likes to beat up people, he winked and nudged, “If I ever was with Mindy McCready, it would have been when she was hot.”

The many women of Roger Clemens:



Roger Clemens continues to deny his underage affair with ex-country music sensation, Mindy McCready, but acknowledges that if he did cheat on his wife, which he never has, he’d prefer women with a little “meat on their bones.”

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