Free Fall

Las Vegas Free Fall.

Hotel rooms, convention halls & restaurants are empty.

Pimps, prostitutes & drug dealers stare at their cell phones.

Tourists scurry through casinos wearing flip-flops.

Fear. Desperation. Paranoia.

Corporate Vegas can’t respond to the spiralling economy. They are the spiralling economy.

Mob-run Vegas, the rackets, thrived during down times.

Max misses the good old, wiseguy days, when Las Vegas was a “We Are The World,” mob melting pot.

Giancana owned the Tropicana, Siegel & Lansky the Flamingo, Major Riddle the Dunes, Detroit and St. Louis families the Aladdin, Sarno Circus, Circus, Doc Stacher the Sands.

The mob was everywhere and everyone knew their place.

Almost everyone.

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