Happy New Year!

Special Report by Cliff Buttonfeldt –

Dick Clark, Dead?

I don’t believe it.

America’s oldest teenager? Dead?


When asked to write this piece, I hesitated.

Dick Clark was more than just a global icon, over-achiever, self-made franchise & multi-media pioneer, he was also … a friend.

In the ’50’s we drank martinis and chased commies.

Dick burst onto the television scene, changing programming history forever, with American Bandstand.

In the ’60’s we took acid and chased hippies in mini-skirts.

Dick shook, rattled, rolled, & mortified (& secretly titillated) middle-aged America with jungle music and gyrating hips.

In the ’70’s we snorted coke and plowed interns.

Dick took over Guy Lombardo’s “Mr. New Year’s Eve” title with his Rockin’ New Year’s Eve.

In the ’80’s we dissolved into our scotch and marital problems.

After a 30 year run, unable to compete with MTV, American Bandstand was cancelled.

The ’90’s were an ecstasy blur haunted by erectile dysfunction and illegal money grabs.

Dick was entered into the Rock and Roll and Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Hall of Fames.

The new century has become the halcyon years for pharmaceutical companies and retirees with extra prostitute money.

On April 18, 2012 Dick Clark died in Santa Monica, CA.

When one attains icon status, their shadow stretches long past their mortal boundaries.

Dick Clark, dead?


Happy New Year!

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