G. Robert Blakey

G. Robert Blakey  – South Bend, Indiana

In 2011 we called former Chief Counsel & Director of The House Select Committee on Assassinations, G. Robert Blakey at his Notre Dame lair.


Hello, Professor Blakey?

(Pause) Yes?

Hi, I’m Max, can I talk to you for a minute?

I’m, -uh, actually, in a meeting, now’s not good, you can try me in an hour.

(An hour & 1/2 later …)


Professor Blakey?

(Pause & no comment)

This is Max, I called you, like, an hour ago and I’m hoping to talk to you for a minute –

Uh, ok, I only have 10 minutes.

Terrific, looking back at the HSCA, it seems as though you were put in a very difficult and very, very political position.

I didn’t look at it as a political position at all. We were there to do a job.

It’s my understanding, the HSCA found conspiracy probable due to acoustic evidence-

No, you’re wrong. There was enough evidence to find probable conspiracy even without acoustical evidence.

Like what?

Witnesses and witness reaction. There was SM Holland standing on the overpass. There’s the Zapruder film.

There was 1 – 2, 3 – 4 shots. The first two coming from the rear.

After all these years, Lone Nut or Conspiracy. Does it matter?

No. Well, it matters for history.

Did the Committee find evidence that Oswald & Ruby knew each other?

No we didn’t. And I don’t believe they knew each other and it doesn’t matter even if they did. There are some that say they saw them together at the strip club. Frankly, I don’t  believe it.

Regarding the intelligence agencies stonewalling of your commitee, specifically, Joannides, do you think it implicates the intelligence community?

No, not at all. There’s no reason to think, just because they stonewalled us, that they had anything to do with conspiracy.

What about the other things, like discrediting conspiracy theorists like Mark Lane?

Well, right. All these things add up and make us wonder why? We found no evidence that suggested the CIA had anything to do with the assassination. Look, if they did have anything to do with the assassination they wouldn’t leave anything behind anyway.

What about the Mexico City recordings and photos?

Those things aren’t evidence of conspiracy.

As sad as the assassination itself was, what seems almost as sad to me, is it’s historical aftermath. Whether it was the cabal, mafia, or a lone nut, it just seems so sad that we still wonder.

Look, a completely sane, rational person can believe Lone Nut. We found some evidence of mafia conspiracy on a local level, not a commission level. We know this because, nationally, we were wiretapping them. We would have heard some chatter.

With hindsight, after all these years, & you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, do you still believe these (mafia) forces were behind the assassination?

(No Answer)

Professor Blakey?

(No Answer – Pause – then “click.”)

Professor Blakey?

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