Kyrie & Rick Pitino


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All done. The Celtics non-appearance in the second round of the eastern conference playoffs was the cherry on the sundae or, maybe, more apt, the frosting on the cupcake.

The Bucks being the frosting, the Celtics being the cupcake.

All season, Boston waited for playoff Kyrie.

It turns out playoff Kyrie was regular Kyrie which seems to be, more & more … just Kyrie.

During the ’96 – ’97 season, Boston endured the eastern conference’s worst 15 – 67 record.

Rick Pitino was anointed savior and ingloriously stripped Red Auerbach of the presidency.

The ping pong balls bounced in the wrong direction and, instead of getting Tim Duncan, wound up with Chauncey Billups and Rick Mercer.

3.5 years  later, with a 12 – 22 record, Pitino resigned an abject failure. The once proud Celtics franchise left in ruins.

Ok. So why the history lesson?

Danny Ainge is backing up the Brinks truck, hoping to trade all the young guys for Anthony Davis in order convince Kyrie to want to stay in Boston.

Meanwhile, Kyrie is pining to play with Kevin Durant for the New York Knicks.

What a load of crap.

The Celtics should not try to hand their franchise over to Kyrie Irving and Anthony Davis.

Irving will leave and Davis will sit out for the second half of the season waiting for free agency. The C’s will end up with a 15-67 record.



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