The Death of Town Hockey (Pt 1 cont.)

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The play was getting rough and Tom Junta, didn’t like what he saw. Never the wall flower, he let the adult on the ice know about it.

Micheal Costin, on the other hand, battled shyness and depression and at a younger age found solace and problems from the bottle.

He didn’t want to hear it.

Hockey Dads are the worst.

Costin responded: “That’s hockey!”

Junta had seen enough. That’s my kid out there. This was supposed to be stick practice. Hockey is supposed to be fun.

As Costin came off the ice, wearing skates, Junta lunged at him. The two were separated and Junta left the rink. His gold chain broken during the scuffle.

He waited in his truck until his son’s friend, 10 year old Garrett Collins came out of the rink.

“Where’s Quinlan?” Junta asked and charged back into the ice rink.

Assistant manager, Nancy Blanchard, told him not to return. He shoved her aside.



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