Circus Circus

True story:  In 1979, beleaguered  22 year old, professional sports bettor, Max Steingrout took a job at Circus Circus in Las Vegas, NV.

Opened by Jay Sarno in 1968 with mob money, Circus Circus was designed to allow families to enjoy the wholesomeness of a Circus (Circus), while Dad drank martinis, gambled the mortgage, and cavorted with prostitutes in casino men’s rooms.

At the time, Max was doing too much crank and his betting career had hit the skids.

He blamed the losing streak on the point guard, the quarterback, the bounce or the fumble. Never on himself.

Part of Max’s duties at Circus Circus included circus animal cleanup and clown support.

As part of the Clown Crew, he would help with wardrobe, makeup & costume changes.

Max didn’t get along with the clowns. They viewed him as an outsider with no clown credentials. They reported numerous, imagined violations to management and got him fired after only two weeks.

The clowns took their job very seriously.

No clowning around.

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