The Chickenhawk

Lefty Rosenthal The Chickenhawk

By 1987 Max Steingrout was a Las Vegas lifer. A hanger on, a degenerate, a chain smoker, a drunk, a drug addict and most important, to the establishment which allowed him to exist in the first place, a gambling addict.

He lost more than he won.

In spite of the smell, the sports books tolerated Max, as long as it wasn’t convention season & as long as he wasn’t bothering the girls.

In 1987, for the first time in his sordid gambling career, Max Steingrout started to win & win big.

Simultaneously, the Las Vegas Corporate Takeover had began.

Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal was the target of FBI & Las Vegas Gaming Commission investigations.

In a last ditch effort to avoid indictment, & potential entry into The Black Book, Lefty Rosenthal looked at long time associate, Dick Wheeler, pointed at Max and said: ”Make that fucking prick The Chickenhawk.”

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