ryan redux

The stars at night are big & bright. Deep in the heart of Texas.

Any allegation of Nolan Ryan and steroids raises the hair on the back of a good ol’ boy’s red neck faster than you can say “commie-hippy-fag.”

Longtime associate, & self-proclaimed “biggest Nolan Ryan fan in the world,” Dick Wheeler, asked “what the hell are you trying to do, derail The Ryan Express? Mess with The Express and you’re gonna get the horns, boy. You better leave it alone or else you’re gonna get yourself shot.”

Nolan Ryan thinks Barry Bonds & Roger Clemens were Hall of Famers before their alleged steroid use, and if it were up to him, they would get in The Hall.

Regarding Barry Bonds, Ryan said:

“His accomplishment should be recognized no matter what the cloud is. No matter what the circumstances are, you still have to hit the ball.”

If Nolan Ryan used performance enhancing drugs, I’m certain he’d believe he still belongs in the Hall, too.

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