NFL Super Bowl Power Rankings

On the radio, Carly Simon sang these are the good old days. Max emptied a can of Krylon.

Inhalant addicts all have the same personality trait:  no self-respect.

In the 80′s the yen was strong & Max’s sports betting career had hit the skids. For income, he resorted to pay phone coin returns and offering tourists an array of services & goods. Neither proud nor afraid of a little pain, Max found himself somewhat of a niche marketplace in Sin City. He’d target asians, his best customers: polite & loaded, they’d often pay him just to go away.

There are many that tell us we’re going to burn or rot in hell. Well, which one is it? You can’t do both.

In truth, we don’t believe in heaven & hell.

“Heaven is here on earth,” we whisper as we take another hit.

NFL Playoff Power Rankings:

1. Green Bay (10-6) (3-0)  +l-w-w+ +l + – + – l + w  (+ l l)

2. Pittsburgh (12-4)  (2-0)  lllwlwww – + – l + – l + (+ +)


Lefty Rosenthal was the first to utilize Power Rankings as a bettor, a bookie and later, for The Stardust, as the nation’s premier linesmaker. 

“Without rankings,” Lefty said, “how would you know who everybody’s going to bet?” 
TCH Power Rankings ™ reflect a combination of record and perception.
Utilizing Lefty Rosenthal’s Plus/Minus (+/-) Scale bettors may, in a glance, notice trends, patterns, failures, successes and, perhaps, avoid setups and pitfalls. 
Plus (+): bet on & won
Minus (-) : bet on & lost 
w (w): bet against & won
l (l): bet against & lost
p (p): push