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Verdict: Conspiracy

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018

The question should have never been “who killed JFK?”

The answer has always been obvious.

Since before the bullets in Dealey Plaza flew there was evidence of conspiracy.

Cornered in his library the still astute octogenarian, Dick Goodwin, asked if I’d read the books. He assumed I did and understood this was the reason for my unannounced visit/ambush.

I rolled the tape (actually pressed the button on my camcorder) and, when I suggested the CIA might of been involved, for the first time, I saw a glimpse of the infamous L’Enfant Terrible’s notorious temper. He quickly, and for the record, stated he never saw any evidence of the CIA being involved in the assassination.

I mentioned otherwise, Mexico City, Oswald’s activity with the Fair Play for Cuba and the post-assassination “Castro dunnit” operation.

But I wasn’t there to debate.

President Trump’s unlawful mandate to continue to allow records from the murder of our 35th president, almost 55 years ago, to remain hidden, proves, again, just how nasty this conspiracy is.

We’re still being lied to.