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We’ll probably never know …

Tuesday, February 19th, 2019

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“After November 22 I don’t want to hear about the JFK case again. It is a nightmare to work on, not only a labyrinth but a labyrinth with lots of turnings off the labyrinth. The best answer is that we don’t know the answer, and probably never will.”

– Anthony Summers 2013 (author: Conspiracy)

When it comes to the JFK Assassination, for many survivors, the topic is still taboo. Over 55 years after the deed.

Most don’t like to talk about it.

It’s as if everyone knows something was wrong but are afraid to acknowledge or come to terms with our recent past.

When Dick Goodwin was asked if the CIA killed JFK, he spoke as if his home office was bugged: “I never saw any evidence the CIA was involved in Kennedy’s assassination.”

Of course, that wasn’t the question.

There’s been many patsy’s to the murder of our 35th president, starting with Lee Harvey Oswald, Castro, Russia, Mafia, Texas oil men, anti-Castro Cubans, renegade CIA officers, derelict secret service agent(s), and ending with their last, final ditch effort official position: “we’ll probably never know.”

Fortunately, for history’s sake, the official government theories and conclusions have been unmasked and, although there won’t be any indictments, historically, a century from now, the assassination of #35 will be known as a conspiracy. A coup d’etat.

coup d’é·tat
/ˌko͞o dāˈtä/
  1. another term for coup (sense 1).
    synonyms: seizure of power, coup, overthrow, takeover, ousting, deposition, regime change;


RFK Files (cont.)

Wednesday, February 14th, 2018

The mystery remains.

Searching through RFK’s Attorney General Files at The JFK Library, the special telegram reads:






508P EST NOV 25 63

The telegram is striking for a number of reasons. First the date, November 25, 1963. Three days after JFK’s assassination, the day after Oswald was killed and the day of JFK’s burial. The tone of the message is interesting, as well. It’s not a condolence, instead it expresses urgency. Did this man know RFK? If not, then why, on the day his brother was buried, would he want RFK to call him immediately?
A little gumshoe detective work discovered Mr. William J. Lee’s obituary from 2014:

“After high school, Mr. Lee served in the Navy during WWII. After his time was served, he began working with Southern Railway, now Norfolk Southern, in 1947. He retired from Norfolk Southern in 1987 after a successful career. In 1956, Bill Lee was elected to serve the citizens of Clayton County in the Georgia House of Representatives, and retired in 1998, after 42 years of service to the people of this community and state.”

The plot thickens.

Southern democrat, Navy-man, member of Georgia’S House of Represtatives, Mr. William J. Lee, sent a special telegram to RFK on November 25, 1963 requesting RFK call him immediately.

We contacted William J. Lee’s son, who responded:

The telegraph you speak of is very interesting and would not surprise me at all that my dad would have sent something like that. I was only 6 months old at the time of the Telegraph. My father was a true southern Democrat and held to a platform that resembled Ronald Regan in the day. We never had any conversations regarding the Kennedy Family but I do know that he would have supported the efforts of the party.

So, for now, the investigation has run cold. Maybe it’s been too long, 54 years (+) after the deed. But we don’t think so.

We have not (yet) cracked the code or uncovered the smoking gun (which, indeed, was on the grassy knoll) but we’ll keep trying.

Rest safe friends and sleep with one eye open.