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Save Roger

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

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Chickenhawk sources have revealed that recent Yankee (& Houston) snubs have left Roger Clemens wounded and vulnerable. If we want him back Boston, if we really want him back, now is the time to get him.

Remember the hurt we felt when he signed with Toronto? Remember the hurt when he accepted a trade to & won multiple World Series with the Yankees? Remember all the talk about bringing him back to the Sox?

Now is the time to get The Rocket Man back in the Red Sox fold. Maybe he could throw out the first pitch at Fenway in the ALDS. Maybe he could even toe the rubber. Maybe he could be one of Theo’s lieutenants. Maybe he could sit on Tito’s bench. He’d be great with the kids. Maybe it’s time to retire #21 and give him a piece of the franchise. Maybe Tom Werner’s piece?

What happened to Roger Clemens? Where did it all go so wrong, so quick? How did he go from first ballot Hall of Fame to the Walk of Shame & possibly prison? The details don’t matter. There’s plenty of blame to go around.

The blame game: Bud Selig, George Mitchell, Jose Canseco, McNamee, Mindy, Pettitte, Rusty, Debbie, Koby, Kody and Kasy. The whole bunch of bananas. They’re all to blame.

Look, maybe Roger isn’t the best guy, but we can all agree, he’s no OJ? Right? He’s more like Corky than OJ. Remember Corky? From that tv show? Everyone remembers Corky, noone remembers the tv show.

Remember when Roger Clemens was ours? Homegrown, Texas kid. The Rocket!

Now’s the time, Boston, let’s band together and Save Roger. I think the big lug needs a hug.