Dear Max-

I  strongly believe that Oswald did it alone. The Walker attempt, as you noted,  not only shows his unstable mindset but his politics. Marina used to say that  if Oswald had been put on trial, he would have used that forum to proclaim his  hatred of capitalism and to claim that as his motive. From meeting him that  one time in Moscow, I would not have predicted his later actions. He seemed  angry but subdued to me. No conspiracy either. He couldn’t cross the street  with someone else (I have some examples), let alone join with another person  in a conspiracy. Everything he did, he did alone, as far as I am aware. I  haven’t heard about the Hanks film and would like to know more. And yes, I met  Vincent Bugliosi once. He was speaking in my town, Cambridge, Mass., and when  I went up to him afterward he jumped to his feet and said “you’re an American  icon!” Imagine. Later I read his book and saw that everything he said about  me, my career as a reporter in Moscow, my lack of relationship to the US gov’t  etc., was true and showed that he had read the State Dep’t, CIA and FBI files  on me. His accuracy made me believe in his accuracy about other things in his book and was impressive.

Best,  Priscilla

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