The Dish

(Interview: Oct. 2010)

JFK nicknamed his sister-in-law, Joan Kennedy, ”The Dish” in 1960

“Most people don’t know it, but in 1960 that expression was quite a compliment … especially coming from Jack Kennedy.”

Who did he first say the nickname to, Ted?

“No, he said it to me! And then, later, to the Senator.”

I bet he was happy about that?

“Oh yes, quite proud.”

Joan Kennedy’s voice is strong. Her mind sharp & witty.

She tells us she is happy & healthy.

Did you have a favorite brother in law?

“If I did, I wouldn’t tell you. They were so different. There was something about Jack. Both were very nice to me. That’s the important thing, isn’t it?”


For the 51st straight year Joan Kennedy will be at her former in-law’s Hyannisport home this Thanksgiving with her 3 children, 4 grand-children, and many Kennedy family members, including Ethel Kennedy.

She is scheduled to play Holiday music for charities around Boston.

She remembers JFK singing ”September Song” while accompanying him on piano, shortly after Thanksgiving in 1961, almost 49 years ago. Those were happy times for Joan Kennedy.

It seems there has been a tarnishing of Camelot, over the past couple of decades, with the stories that have come out about JFK.

“I don’t think it’s fair to do to the deceased. They can’t defend themselves.”

Times have changed, as well.

“I don’t know how people in public life do it now.”


“I believe the Warren Commission because Senator Kennedy believed the Warren Commission. He didn’t think it did anyone any good to believe otherwise. It wouldn’t be good for The Country. It wouldn’t be good for The Kennedys.”

Sometimes it’s easier to laugh than it is to cry.

Joan Kennedy agrees.

We suggest, investigating & solving JFK’s murder should not be the responsibility of brothers. There should be government agencies to do that sort of thing.

Joan Kennedy adds, “Although there may be something to some of the conspiracy stories, Senator Kennedy believed the Warren Commission.”

For the health of the Nation?

“Yes, that’s a good way to put it, for the health of the Nation.”

Joan Kennedy is a survivor. She’s an American icon and a National treasure.

She’s also still, “The Dish.”

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