50 years later, forgive us for being preoccupied. Assassination television special weary, now more wary than ever.

Designed to irritate and confuse, Rob Lowe grimaces while a bikini top floats on the surface of the White House pool. Australian investigator, Crocodile Dundee McLaren,  lands a prime time special and explains JFK was killed by an errant secret service agent’s automatic weapon shot from the follow-up car. CIA correspondent, Max Holland, tells us we got it all wrong and that there was a lost bullet. PBS, Fox, National Geographic, Military Channel, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, & the History Channel all weigh in.

Cronkite, Rather, Jennings, Brokaw, and Bradlee had their chance and we’re left wondering: what would the old Geraldo do?

Few, if any, mention the CIA’s counterintelligence operation involving Lee Harvey Oswald.

Politicians whisper and lay wreaths upon his grave.

50 years later, the JFK assassination remains taboo.

50 year from now, the JFK assassination will be written into history as the JFK conspiracy.

When asked, in early 1964, if all the investigation’s information would be made public, Chief Justice Earl Warren replied, “Yes, there will come a time. But it might not be in your lifetime. I am not referring to anything especially, but there may be some things that would involve security. This would be preserved but not made public.”

Commission apologists say conspiracy believers cannot rationalize an insignificant man like Oswald killing a great man like Kennedy. They suggest this inability leads us to believe there must be more to it than this. That it must be a conspiracy. Not for us. We wish it was a lone nut. It would be much easier to live with.

We believe conspiracy.

Not because of Oswald’s intriguing intelligence community background, not the Mexico City impersonations, not the single bullet theory, not witness testimony and witness reaction, not the Zapruder film, not “back & to the left,” not the credentialed secret service agents atop the grassy knoll, not the Parkland doctors,  not Ruby’s underworld ties, not the CIA’s post-assassination misinformation campaign, not the intimidated and perjured testimony, not bungled investigations nor autopsy, not the mysterious deaths or murders, not the House Select Committee’s conspiracy finding, not confessions or revelations of the participants or those in power, not the decades-old coverups, and it’s not the continued withholding of information & files.

The reason is:  all the reasons put together.

Facing the facts (.449%), from a bettor’s perspective, our NFL season has been an unmitigated Disaster (capital D). Some (Dick Wheeler) have (cruelly) suggested we get back on the tweak.

For now, we’re holding off on that.

We still believe in redemption.

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