Sympathy for the Devil

Beggars Banquet

The Rolling Stones began recording Sympathy for the Devil on June 4, 1968.

Lyrics included:   I shouted out, who killed Kennedy?

On June 5, 1968 RFK was assassinated.

The Stones went back into the studio and changed the words to:

I shouted out, who killed the Kennedys?

Thanksgiving Day NFL Locks ™-

Chicago +7 @ Detroit                         L

Dallas -3 vs Philadelphia                      L

Seattle +1.5 @ San Francisco                    W

Indianapolis -9.5 vs Washington                    W

Houston -7 vs Tennessee                           W

Cleveland +3 @ Buffalo                             L

San Diego +6 @ Baltimore                          W

NY Giants -3 @ Jacksonville                         L

Tampa Bay +3.5 vs Cincinnati                        W

St. Louis -6.5 vs Oakland                            W

New Orleans +4.5 @ Pittsburgh                     W

Carolina +2.5 @ Minnesota                        L

Arizona -1.5 @ Atlanta                               L

New England +3 @ Green Bay                     L

KC +1.5 vs Denver                                   L

Miami -6.5 vs NY Jets                                       L

TCh NFL Locks ™ vs Spread (70 – 89 – 2) (.436%)

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