Jerry Garcia’s Lost Lyrics

Dear San Francisco Police Department Media Relations,
On Friday, January 18, 1985, around 12:30 in the afternoon, SFPD Motorcycle Officer Mark Gamble arrested Jerome Garcia on drug possession charges while he was parked in his black BMW with expired September 1984 tags parked on the north side of Middle Drive in Golden Gate Park (north of Metson Lake).
Confiscated at the scene was Mr. Garcia’s briefcase which included written compositions owned by Mr. Robert Hunter.
We write because Mr. Hunter has publicly requested return of his property.
Can you please inventory for us what the San Francisco Police Department still has in evidence in this case?
Can you please ensure or help with the return of such property?
Thank you for your assistance.
TheChickenhawk- Editor
San Francisco Police Department:
No reply.
A little research, however, via the San Francisco Examiner’s March 24, 2015 article reveals:

“The record shows an officer identified by number 1913, who police said was officer Tom Srock, released the item, described in the system as an attaché case containing miscellaneous papers.

The entry includes a transaction code, which police said means the evidence was turned over to a responsible partly, likely Garcia or his attorney at the time.

While the record seems to put to rest one part of the mystery, it also seems to keep alive another. The band’s lyricist Robert Hunter said in a recent Rolling Stone interview there were lost songs he and Garcia were working on inside the briefcase and requested if the police still had the songs, to return them. Were those song lyrics and Garcia notes used later on without Hunter realizing it — or somehow lost after it left the evidence room?”

We reached out Jerry’s attorney, David Hellman:

Dear Attorney Hellman,

It’s recently come to our attention that Mr. Robert Hunter is publicly looking for missing lyrics that were confiscated when Mr. Jerry Garcia was arrested in 1985.

According to SFPD records, Officer Esparza said briefcase and papers were “ turned over to a responsible partly, likely Mr. Garcia or his attorney at the time.”

In an attempt to locate Mr. Hunter and Mr. Garcia’s missing lyrics, were you Jerry’s attorney at the time?

Did you take possession of the brief case?

Thanks for your time.


TheChickenhawk- Editor


Attorney Hellman:

Any information that I have is not available to the public.

David Hellman

David M. Hellman, Attorney & CPA
Law Office of David M. Hellman
851 Irwin Street, Suite 205
San Rafael, CA 94901-3343
Tel.:  415-457-4411
Fax:  415-457-0356
Certified Specialist in Taxation Law and in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law by the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization, Member of the California and Connecticut Bars, and a California Certified Public Accountant

So, for now the story our story is stunted. Jerry’s attorney is not willing to share any information with us. Still, we’ll forge on. Maybe Robert Hunter can give Attorney Hellman a call to see if he’s willing to talk.

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