4 episodes of Oliver Stone’s Putin Interviews on Showtime has un-demonized (??) Vladimir Putin. He’s likable. He calls the United States Russia’s “partner,” despite the fact that NSA and intelligence services are actively trying to undermine their elections, destroy their economy, and disrupt relationships in the region. Putin understands our cuckoo bureaucracy. US Presidents come and presidents go (4 of them, so far) but things, for Putin, stay the same.

He scoffs at the notion Russia hacked the election. His proof? There is no proof they did.

A judo master, at the age of 61 he learned to play hockey. Not an easy thing to do, at any age.

He drops the bomb that his American partners covertly supported Chechen terrorists. Meanwhile they’ve tried to partner with us in the war against terrorism.

Putin reminds Stone that the US spends over $600B in annual defense, Russia spends about $40B. America spends more than all other countries combined.

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