Fly in the Ointment

Thank you for the hundreds of complaints.

It shows … you care.

We care too.

The problem begins with, as in most cases, money.

Perpetually frozen on February 12, 2018. We know. Scantily clad interns across the Globe are on strike leaving this Editor-in-Chief of a Breaking News powerhouse: perplexed.

In order to make money you have to spend money but if you don’t have money it’s tough to get money.

A man’s got to eat and a junky’s got to have his fix.

So, we are left where we are … on February 12th.

Trust Us. This won’t be a “forever” thing. Please, for the love of God, don’t un-bookmark us or -GASP- un-like us on facebook. We’re still here. We won’t let the over-worked, under-paid interns win. We’re going to hold the hard line like a hard-boiled, Cold War, commie-hater.

They will work for free and they’ll like it.

Okay, for now: stay the course!

You’ll be glad you did.




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