NFL Locks of the Week

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We have been working with a publisher for our new book, Breaking Vega$: The Max Steingrout Story – How to win online in a new internet era & why Las Vegas is crapping their pants.

We’ll be giving away signed first editions.

It begins like this:

Max Steingrout spent much of his rebellious youth stumbling around the back streets of Las Vegas addicted to inhalants, eating out of garbage cans and drinking out of toilets. One early morning Max found himself in the Las Vegas Valley Rehab Hospital after a naked, spray paint induced seizure in the fluorescent lobby of an all-night Taco Bell. In the bed next to him? Childhood friend and longtime speed freak, Jake “The Fizz” Fizzario.

The basics of the book:  Max’s rise from failure, to success, to failure, to success, to failure, to finally success, again, through internet technologies and a calmer life style.

We hope Breaking Vega$ proves to be a book for gamblers, dreamers, loners, losers, winners, high rollers, low rollers, low ballers, high ballers, has-beens, never-beens, meth heads, speed freaks, inhalant addicts and spray paint store clerks.

Until our next book signing: Stay tuned, tune in, tune out, stay in, stay out and, as always, keep your opinion to yourself.

This week we’re loving ourselves some home cooking!

The Chickenhawk’s NFL Locks of the Week ™ are:

KC -6 vs Cincinnati                                W

Jacksonville -4.5 vs Houston                 L

Washington -1.5 vs Dallas                  W

Atlanta -4 vs NY Giants                     L

Disclaimer: The Chickenhawk’s NFL Locks of the Week ™ are not for entertainment purposes. They are for making you serious amounts of ca$h. Remember: the more you bet, the more you win.


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