The Buzz Bissinger Interview

Every media outlet in the country has been begging for this interview. The skeptics (Dick Wheeler) said it couldn’t be done.

“Why would he e-mail you? You’re a blogger. ”

Acclaimed author, personal hero (&, cross our fingers, maybe new thechickenhawk1 twitter follower) Buzz Bissinger, *sat down with Max Steingrout:

TCH- Are you Lone Nut, Conspiracy or Indifferent?

Buzz-  Lone anger nut.

TCH-  Where were you/ what were you doing when JFK was killed? How did you hear?

Buzz-  I was at school in New York City in 4th grade. An assembly was called and a teacher told us and sent us home.

TCH-  Las Vegas, love it or leave it?

Buzz-  Love it for three days. Most creative architecture in America. Getting into craps. Losing my shirt.

TCH-  How are we going to save America?

Buzz-  Kill the greed thru public pressure and regulation. Do whatever it takes to find alternative sources of energy. Get out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Make every American read a book a month. Ban all television except HBO and Showtime and sports. Save newspapers.

TCH-  Greatest success?

Buzz-  Raising three fabulous children thru thick and thin. Making Will Leitch famous because of Costas breakdown.

TCH-  Biggest disappointment?

Buzz-  Making Will Leitch famous because of Costas breakdown. Not getting more money for Friday Night Lights television show.

TCH-  Internet, fad or here to stay?

Buzz-  Totally here to stay.

TCH-  Do you still hate blogs?

Buzz-  Not as much. Most do suck. But there are more good ones than I thought. Totally into Twitter.

TCH-  Do you hate our blog?

Buzz-  You’ve had quite a life Max. Love the Vegas stuff. Admire the honesty. Sorry it didn’t work out. Now teach me fucking blackjack. All the best to you.

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